Saturday, November 1, 2008


I paid Beauty Angel rm25 for manicure a few weeks ago and was charged another rm20 for a lousy french coating. Hurmm. Looking back I don't think the manicurist was a real manicurist who obtained full or certified training. Nonetheless, a lovely manicure, which we can do on our own at home consist of these steps
1 - soak hands in soapy water for few minutes,
2 - push back cuticles on nails using orange stick,
3 - trim dead skin using the scissor i call 'skin trimmer'
4 - file nails using nail file according to desired shapes,
5 - buff nails using, well, the nail buffer,
6 - clean the nails using orange sticks to remove dead skin or whatever there is,
7 - put on the varnish if you wish to.
8 - apply lotion or hand and nail cream (i use nutrimetics cream)

No matter how bad the experience was at that particular saloon for doing the manicure, I am grateful for the knowledge of the skills needed to do manicure. Now i can do manicure at home using my own tools :)